High Performance Coach Chris Cornelius

Welcome to CoachChrisGC.com My name is Chris Cornelius, an experienced, accredited and insured high performance coach and aim to offer the very best in performance coaching to young and elite athletes from a wide range of sports! We work with athletes of all ages from 10yr old sprinters to 63yr old Ironman. We are keen to promote our new FAST program to upcoming athletes from all sporting backgrounds.

Footwork | Acceleration | Speed | Training – Primarily focusing on Agility, Balance and Quickness. We work tirelessly to get the very best out of our athletes and promote Sports Excellence.

Proudly affiliated and accredited with:

Key Dates & Events 2018/19

When planning and programming we take into account all the key dates for events for the upcoming season. Some of these events may not be relevant for all our athletes...
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